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Powder Metallurgy Processing Equipment

The powder metallurgy processing equipment employed is specifically designed to accurately simulate an industrial press-sinter-size sequence.  Research is completed at all stages of the process including powder blending, compaction (uni-axial die and CIP), controlled atmosphere sintering, sizing/repressing, and secondary operations (heat treatment, shot peening, etc.).

Powder Compaction

Uni-axial Die Compaction of Powders

Press Die
Universal test frame and the self-contained tooling utilized to simulate industrial powder compaction operations.

Cold Isostatic Press (CIP)

Avure Technolgies model LCIP 42260 cold isostatic press for compacting metal powders.

Controlled Atmosphere Sintering

Tube Furnace

Customized tandem furnace assembly for sintering PM compacts under a controlled atmosphere.

Bell Jar Furnace

Multi-atmosphere bell jar furnace regularly utilized in sintering studies on a variety of different alloys (aluminum, nickel, iron, titanium, etc.).

Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace

Spark plasma sintering furnace utilized to consolidate metallic, ceramic, and composite particulate materials.